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Georgia, as the cradle of the world’s wine, has a long and splendid history of wine culture. The country has more than 500 kinds of wine grapes, also has the largest amount of wine grape variety of all countries around the world. Excellent quality of Georgian wine let the guests from “the kingdom of wine” as it France known, also marveled.


For hundreds of years this Wine is sold to the most of the EU countries and Russia. In the time of Imperial Russian era, Georgian wine was Tsar Romanov royal family’s royal feast tribute wine; In the Former Soviet Union era, Georgian wine was served to a national leaders at the state banquets, it has entertained Roosevelt, Churchill, Mao Zedong and other heads of state. Historical figure Stalin was born in Georgia, Georgian wine was his beloved wine.


Therefore, in March 2014 the Dega Group invested full acquisition of Tibaani Winery, which is located in Georgia famous wine making region Kakheti near famous scenic spot Sighnagi City also known as “Royal town”, and renamed it to “Chateau Dega”,  and became DEGA manor’s own core brand. The winery has 170 years history, in the era of the former Soviet Union this was one of the three state-owned wineries in Georgia reconstruction of which Stalin ordered personally.

The traditional Georgian method of “Qvevri” winemaking which has 8000 years history, on December 2013 has been recognized by UNESCO as a significant intangible cultural heritage. General Assembly resolutions, wrote: “In every town and village in Georgia people are brew and store wine in this pottery. The tradition plays a vital role in everyday life and celebrations, and forms an inseparable part of the cultural identity of Georgian communities, with wine and vines frequently evoked in Georgian oral traditions and songs.  Knowledge of this heritage is passed down by families, neighbours and friends, all of whom join in the communal harvesting and wine-making activities. Georgian winemakers are last guardians of this ancient winemaking tradition, so now vintage brewing methods get the world’s attention once again, so they feel happy and proud.

aus1Dega winery has 30 hectares of its own vineyards, planted with Georgia’s unique grapes Saperavi, Qisi, Aleksandrouli, Ojaleshi, and other natural non polluted grapes, average age 30 years, originated on Great Caucasus Mountains, rich with iron, zinc, etc. The grape plantation is irrigated by Alazani River which richly contains various microelement. When the grape ripe, we always  pick them by hand in accordance with the traditional technique.

Chateau is using the modern enterprise management system, international quality control certification, monitor the entire process of grape cultivation, harvesting, brewing and bottling. Group has built professional logistics platform, with self inspection, customs qualification, has overall responsibility for transportation, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, provide 24 hours logistics services.

aus4Every bottle of wine produced in our winery can be traced through the identity certificate system created by Chateau DEGA, and the wines remain their unique personality in the world. All DEGA wine brands that enter Chinese market have a corresponding certificate, certificate of authenticity, certificate of conformity, hygienic certificate and certificate of origin.

ausb3With every bottle of DEGA brand wines we solemnly promise to provide You a wine produced using our own grapes plantations, all the wines are brewed and bottled in our winery, We just produce bottled wine with 100% pure taste, and make sure that there are no additives or blending. If you are in our direct shop, affiliate shop, dealer shop or reseller through formal channels purchase our wine if it does not match with our commitment, after verifying true, we will take a million times compensation for your loss. Without exception!